Badoit is a major sparkling water brand much-loved by the French people. Badoit brings over two centuries of pleasure and sophistication to every meal. Choosing to enjoy Badoit fine bubbles means making each meal a special occasion. A long-standing advocate of BADOIT, Robert Parker Jr has long championed the sparkling natural mineral water. Speaking about the partnership Robert Parker Jr said, “I have been drinking Badoit with my wine for almost 10 years now. It is the perfect accompaniment to the fine wines I drink as the bubbles naturally highlight the unique flavours in wine”. It is rapidly becoming the brightest sparkling star in the finest dining establishments in China.

波多是深受法國人民喜愛的天然礦泉水品牌。兩個世紀以來,波多一直被認為是品鑒法式美食、美酒佐餐用水之尚選,贏得知名廚師和侍酒師的一致推薦。作為波多含氣天然礦泉水的長期推崇者,羅伯特?帕克對這款含氣天然礦泉水,如此評價: “我選擇波多作為品酒時的搭配飲水,已經超過10年了。我認為它和葡萄酒的配合堪稱完美, 它精細的天然氣泡,能夠更加凸顯每一款葡萄酒獨特的味道 。”如今在中國高端餐飲業,波多正快速成為氣泡礦泉水中的閃亮明星。